Description of the affect old spellings have on EEBO searches

Description of the affect old spellings have on searches in EEBO

Users should be aware when searching historical texts that the spelling of some words has changed and that in certain cases a modern-spelling search term will not in itself be adequate to retrieve all the relevant works in Early English Books Online. For instance the search term virtue will not retrieve occurrences of vertue; mutability will not match with mutabilitie, nor will honor pick up honour. One way to search for variant spellings is to use a truncation operator (search for mutabilit* to retrieve both mutability and mutabilitie); another is to type the word you are looking for in the Keyword(s) or Title Keyword(s) fields and then click the select from a list link. You will then be able to scroll through an alphabetical list of all the words, including all old spellings, in Early English Books Online records. Use the Boolean operator OR between multiple search terms to retrieve variants with a single search.

  • Title Keyword(s): honor or honour

For further information, click Help in the top toolbar in Early English Books Online.