What to do if a court rejects an e-filed ProQuest document.

When e-filing, a court may reject the Congressional document if they are unable to date stamp the document. If this occurs please convert the locked PDF document into one that the court will recognize.

Open the PDF file and then click on File, then on Print.

  1. From the printer selection drop down box, select Microsoft Office Document Image Writer.
  2. Select a name and location where you like to save the output file. Click on OK.
    This will create a file with the extension of MDI in your selected location and open the file.
  3. While viewing the file, click on File and then choose Print. Select from the drop down box any of the following based on options available on your computer:
    1. Adobe PDF File
    2. PDF File
    3. PDF document
  4. Select a name and location where you like to save your output file, Click on OK.

The new PDF file will be unlocked and can be annotated and stamped.
Note: This file is now an image. You cannot copy text out of it. Click here to learn how to copy text from a locked PDF file.