Setting up Barcode Access


Setting up Barcode Access for ProQuest Congressional, History Vault, Government Periodicals Index, Legislative Insight, Statistical Abstract, Statistical Datasets, and Statistical Insight


Please use the normal set up procedures in the ProQuest Administrator Module to set up your authentication. After you have completed the process and receive a URL, you need to insert a specific string that goes in the middle of the URL to complete the process. See instructions and examples below.


  1. Go to and login. If you do not have a login, please contact customer support
  2. Go to the Authentication/Access section and select the Barcode
  3. Configure the desired barcode pattern. The barcode login URL that you see (in red box) applies to the ProQuest barcode landing page
  4. Next, customize the barcodes for the necesary products. To enable barcode authentication for these other products, the URL needs to be modified.

Below are examples of the modified URLs for each of the products:

ProQuest Congressional:
ProQuestHistory Vault:
ProQuestGovernment Periodicals Index (GPI):
ProQuestLegislative Insight:
ProQuestStatistical Abstract:
ProQuestStatistical Abstract of the United States:
ProQuestStatistical Datasets:
ProQuestStatistical Insight: