Factiva.com's technical requirements

What are Factiva.com's technical requirements?

You will need a browser and a connection to the Internet to use Factiva.com. However, not all browser makes and versions may be fully compatible with the service. Factiva continues to test and certify Factiva.com on different browsers.

Important technical considerations include:

Technology How Factiva.com Uses It
JavaScript Factiva.com uses JavaScript to achieve some of its more powerful and popular capabilities, such as allowing you to select and view multiple articles at once. Therefore, you must eliminate any firewall barriers to this program.
Java Factiva.com does not make use of Java.
Frames Factiva.com uses floating frames or I-frames extensively. The inability of some browsers, especially older versions, to effectively cope with frames is one of the reasons why the product is not compatible with all browsers.
Cookies Factiva.com uses "cookies" to store information on a browser so it can be returned on subsequent requests without having to enter it in again. For instance, cookies allow Factiva.com to keep track of where you are during a session, or to save your user ID and password so they do not need to be entered at every visit.