Sorting of results list

What order is the Results List sorted in?

The Results List sorts your results with the most relevant records at the top. Your results will be weighted as follows:

  • records that contain an exact match for your search terms.
  • records where your search terms appear near each other.
  • records containing all or any of your search terms.

Weighting is also assigned on the basis of how common the word you have searched for is in the database as a whole, and on the basis of where it appears in the record (for example, records which contain your search term in the citation fields will be weighted more heavily because they are likely to be more relevant than records which contain instances of the term in the full text).

In HeritageQuest® Online, Relevancy Ranking is designated by a bar with boxes that appear either shaded or unshaded. The more shaded boxes that appear in the Relevancy Ranking, the more relevant this result is to your search.

You can re-sort the list using the Sort By options located at the top of the Search Results screen.