Durable LInking


What is durable linking?


Durable linking lets you create "persistent" links--links that will continue to be active and work over a long period of time. This lets you create and share links to specific full-text articles and will allow you to continue to access those articles later.

You can download a Word document with more information about SIRS durable linking here.

Durable linking examples:


  • Link to individual pages within a database subscription.
  • Create online lesson plans with links to articles and web sites for recommended reading.
  • Add a link to Current Events in SIRS Discoverer or a link to Today's News in SIRS Knowledge Source for any coursework requiring current events coverage.
  • Link directly to SIRS Renaissance's Literary Corner, for you upcoming Literary Criticism class.
    Create a pathfinder on your class Web page for a Web Quest exercise. Create a shortcut to Leading Issues from your Debate Forum.
  • Post links to individual articles for students to read, and then have a classroom discussion.
  • Select articles that align to Curriculum Standards and share them with other teachers.
  • Have students add hyperlinked citations and bibliographies to research pages - no more hunting down sources to check for plagiarism.