About Reference Linking

ProQuest has extracted references from articles in over 3,700 scholarly journals, and is actively extracting new references from articles in over 2,400 scholarly journals. In addition, Cited References are extracted from dissertations and theses published through our ProQuest Dissertation Publishing program. These references are deconstructed and analyzed in such a way that ProQuest platform users can search across our Cited Reference repository, and in some cases link to a full A&I record, or even the full text, of those references also available through ProQuest. Each article from which we extract references will have up to three citation collections associated with them – Cited References, Cited By References, and Shared Documents.

Cited References
Cited References are those documents that the article in question cites. Each will be listed separately and, where possible, linked to the Document View page (if it is available to the user). If a given reference is not available on the ProQuest platform, the platform will attempt to use the customer's OpenURL Link Resolver to direct the user to the full text version somewhere else.

Cited By References
Cited By References are a list of documents in ProQuest that cite the article in question. This information is compiled from the ProQuest Citation Repository, and only reflects the articles in the ProQuest Citation Repository that cite it. That is, an article may actually be cited by 30 different articles, but if ProQuest only has five of those articles in the Repository, the Cited By count will be five.

In order to surface our collection of cited references and support the user in their research, counts for Cited References and Cited By References are displayed at both the Search Results level and the Document View level. Clicking on a Cited References link (or Cited By) at either level will load a search results-like page that lists all the relevant documents. Users will be able to use the adv search form to search for cited refs, cited authors, and cited publications.