How to Setup Outbound Linking from ProQuest

Instructions on how to setup outbound linking from ProQuest
  1. Log in to ProQuest Administrator Module at
  2. Click on Linking In/Out on the left side of the page.
  3. Click on Link Resolvers and Custom Resource Linking.
  4. Click on the resolver product you are using.
  5. Enter the appropriate information for your access and customize as desired.
  6. Checkmark "Enable this custom link" near the top of the page.
  7. Click to Save Changes
Note: If you are not using one of the available preconfigured options, click on “Add a new custom link” and fill in the information for your resolver. This would include the full URL syntax for your resolver. Some tips for this are:
  1. Start by copying and pasting a working URL for a document in your online resource into the URL box.
  2. Replace specific values (ie title, author, etc.) within the URL with ProQuest metadata placeholders:
  • Highlight the part of the URL you want to replace.
  • Select the variable you want to use and click "Add to URL"
  • Continue doing this for all metadata fields included in the URL.
If you need a login for the ProQuest Administrator Module or if you are having any trouble with the setup, please contact technical support.