Access Error - Could Not Verify Your IP Address (3007)

Access Error 3007 - Could Not Verify Your IP Address
ProQuest was unable to give you access because we were not able to recognize your IP address.

Why did the Error happen?
The URL you entered or clicked on to access ProQuest databases checks to see if you are trying to connect from a valid IP address. Usually this error occurs when you are trying to access ProQuest from home or away from your library, university, school, or institution.

What should I do?
Students and Researchers:
  • Check with your library reference desk or help desk for instructions on connecting remotely to ProQuest. Often you have to connect to the subscribing library or institution's site to be authenticated properly.
  • Click on the link to ProQuest directly from the library or institution web page. This will ensure that you are using the correct URL to access ProQuest.
  • If you have a ProQuest username and password, use the login page.
  • If you have an OpenAthens username and password, use the OpenAthens login page.
  • If you have an institutional username and password, use the institutional login page.

Library Administrator Instructions
Login to the ProQuest Administrator Module and verify your complete IP address range is entered. If it is not, please enter it in and try to connect again. If you are unable to resolve the problem, please contact support for assistance. Please have the complete list of the valid IP address ranges that are associated with your library or institution.