Article Level Links

One Search Article Level Links

Article Level Link Format: 

Durable URLs are located in the Indexing(details) of each article.  There are four main components to creating an article level link, domain, document format, document ID, and account ID. 

Each URL must being with the domain highlighted in yellow.

Document format:
The docview format type takes you to the best format available.  If you wish to specify a format type you can use the following types.

  • abstract
  • fulltext
  • fulltextwithgraphics
  • fulltextPDF
Document ID:
Each article has a unique document ID.  You can locate this ID in the Indexing(details) of the article. 

Account ID:
This is your ProQuest account ID.  Placing this at the end of the URL will help direct users to your specified remote access method.