What does this status mean?

In OASIS, users are warned of possible duplications by the "Check Status" notifications in the browse row. Because in the current interface only one status may be displayed in the browse row at a time, a hierarchy of importance has been imposed and it may be necessary to click into the "Check Status" tab in the split screen to see additional actions that have been taken against the titles. 

A red status indicates that a purchase has been initiated or the title is already owned; further action may risk duplication.
A gold status indicates that there has been activity on the title, but it is not yet owned.

Phrases may include the format, if the activity is associated with a linked alternate format of the ISBN that is displaying the status.

Current "Check Status" phrases

Firm/Approval/Standing/iFound Order statuses:

Additional workflow statuses:

Approval-specific workflow statuses, may include username and date of action: