We are not getting access to ProQuest databases, just keep getting below error:

EZproxy Server Error

Please tell your server administrator to check messages.txt for a MaxVirtualHosts error

If you are the end user, please report this issue to your IT helpdesk. If you are the librarian, please check EZproxy config.txt file

MaxVirtualHosts may appear once anywhere within config.txt, with typical placement toward the top. It applies to both proxy by port and proxy by hostname configurations.

MaxVirtualHosts is followed by a number that establishes the maximum number of virtual hosts that EZproxy can create for proxying access to remote web servers. The default value is 200.

Usually, to fix this issue, you will need to change the value to a higher number.

If you are using proxy by port and if you have enough databases resources that MaxVirtualHosts exceeds 2000, OCLC recommends that you move your configuration to proxy by hostname.