How do you create a custom Search filter profile which can be applied as an option for all Factiva platform users?

The steps which you would need to go through to create future custom search list that can be seen by all fellow users would be as below. Do take note of item 3 as this is vital to ensure that the option is available for all users rather than just the Admin user account.

1) Login to Factiva as an Admin Account User

2) Go to Search Builder and create Custom Search filter under the "More options"-> "Search for free-text terms in:" -> "Custom"

3) When creating the search filter ensure that you select "Save as a Group Item" 

4) Once the filters has been set and you have Saved your selection, the next step is to go to Group Manager in the Settings section of Factiva.

5) You would need to manually assign this Custom Search fields to the respective Groups in your Factiva Account.

By completing the steps above, the users within those groups would then be able to view this Custom Search Filter.