Before transferring a downloaded book from your computer to a device, you need to make sure Adobe Digital Editions ADE on your computer and mobile device are authorized with the same Adobe ID. On your computer you can find this information under Help->Authorization Information. On the ADE mobile app it's under Settings>Authorize. To share a downloaded book between multiple devices an Adobe ID is required. 

Transferring a downloaded ebook to Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) from a computer to an Android device.

  1. Connect the powered on device to the computer
  2. On computer: Go to 'My Digital Editions' folder and find the book file you'd like to transfer (the file name will be the book title), and copy this file
  3. On computer: Open the file browser and navigate to “This PC"> "(name of device)" > "Internal Shared Storage" > "Digital Editions." (the exact path may vary by operating system and device)
    • Substep: Go to settings ->Connected devices ->USB and turn on file transfer (Additional step on device may be required)
  4. On computer: Paste the file into 'Digital Editions'
  5. On Android: Open ADE on device
  6. On Android: Ebook appears in library.
​Transfer downloaded ebook from computer to iOS device (requires iTunes):
  1. Connect your device to your computer
  2. Open iTunes on the computer (if it hasn't automatically opened)
  3. In iTunes look for the rectangular iPad/iPhone device icon in the upper left corner under the menu bar and click on it
  4. Click on "File Sharing" in the left hand menu
  5. From the "Apps" menu, select the "Digital Editions" option and you will be able to see a list of ebooks under the "Digital Editions Documents" menu
  6. Click on the "Add File..." button and navigate to the "My Digital Editions" folder
  7. Click on the ebook you would like to transfer and click "Open". Your ebook will be displayed under "Digital Editions Documents" 
  8. Click on "Sync" at the bottom-right of your screen and then click "Done". Your ebook will then be transferred from your computer to your device
  9. Open the ADE app on your device and locate the transferred ebook on your bookshelf to begin reading

As of July 2019, Bluefire Reader has ceased offering their app on Android and iOS devices. Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) offers an app that may be used in place of Bluefire. The ADE app may be downloaded from the Google Play Store on your Android device or from the app store on your iOS device