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Patron experience is optimal with Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication options. 
Benefits of SSO:
How SSO works from a patron perspective:
Ebook Central supports a range of SSO and non-SSO authentication options for the patron platform.
1.  EZproxy SSO - an SSO option

2.  OpenAthens - an SSO option
3.  Shibboleth - an SSO option
That is, we only need eduPersonScopedAffiliation if you send eduPersonPersistentID instead of either of the first two.
4. SAML - an SSO option

5.  Patron Login - an authentication method hosted by Ebook Central

6.  IP authentication (including use of simple proxied links where the IP of the proxy is authenticated)
7.  VPN (Virtual Private Network)

We want to help ensure the best authentication method for your environment. Our Ebook Central technical team is available to answer any questions. Please contact the Technical Support Team by submitting your query on this form.