What is an approval claim and how do I create one? What is an approval block? How do I block a title from coming on approval?

Claim on Approval 

An approval ‘claim’ enables a user to place a firm order on an approval account regardless of how it matches on any approval profile. 

Once authorized by the administrator, users can claim any title, pre-publication or post-publication, whether or not is has already received Approval treatment, by using the "Approval claim" option from the Action Arrow.

Like the 'Order now' functionality available to some users, "Approval claim" is an automatic action. No Ratification will be required; claims will bypass Authorize Orders. 

Block on Approval

"Block on Approval" enables authorized users to prevent Approval order or Slip notification for any given ISBN (and all linked alternates).  

Once authorized by the administrator, users can block a title which has not yet received Approval treatment by using the "Block on approval" option from the Action Arrow. Once a title has already received Approval treatment, it will be ineligible and the block will fail.

OASIS users will not be able to "unblock" an ISBN or its linked alternates after a block has been placed. If this action is required, users should contact a customer service representative for assistance.

To authorize a user for approval claim or block: 

Data Validation

If a library wishes to ensure order data will be entered in specific fields, the library Administrator should check the ‘Enforce validation for approval claims’ checkbox at the top of the split screen in the 'Claim on Approval' tab. This box is checked by default.  

 If a user has authority to claim on more than one profile, a profile must be chosen from the dropdown in the Order info dialog. When validation is enforced, other values associated with that profile, such as fund and location, will then populate the appropriate fields.