How do I send a Title to Ratifier? 

Selectors can send titles to a Ratifier (Acquisitions) for approval and purchase by clicking on Express checkout, either from the Action Arrow or the Bulk Action Buttons. This may display an Order Info dialog for users to add any additional required information before clicking "Select now." 


Titles will be sent to the ratifier's Authorize Orders folder and removed from the screen, unless it is part of a saved list, however titles awaiting ratification may still be viewed by navigating to Orders > Firm & Approval Orders > Sent to Ratifier.


Note that the Check Status on these titles will now appear as  Awaiting Ratification. When the order is placed with ProQuest, the status will change to  Firm Order Open, Shipped, etc. 

While a library may have many users with ratification privileges, they cannot share activity on a single instance of a selection. Each title may only be viewed and acted upon by a single ratifer.