How do I set up Selector Signatures?


This feature will be helpful to many OASIS users and provides added flexibility in the management of orders and the identification of who originated a selection. 

Set-up is only available to Administrators by clicking the person icon in the upper right hand corner and selecting "Group Settings" in the drop down. There are two check box settings pertaining to selectors:
Restrict Selector Change
Retain Selector Signature

Selector refers to the originator of a selection or the one who last Actions a title. 

It is important to note that the Initial Selector will change automatically when a title is ACTIONED, except in Options 3 and 4 as described below.   

The four Options are described below: 

1.   Always Allow Selector Changes (default): 

When both boxes are left unchecked, the ‘Initial Selector’ signature will automatically reflect the last person who ‘Actions’ the title and the Selector signature can be changed in the ‘Order Info/Selector’ drop down, as noted in option 4 (for this option a Ratifier or Selector can make the change in the Order Info box). 


2.   Allow Selector Change Only Upon New Action:  

When Restrict Selector Change is checked, the Initial Selector will be retained except when a title is forwarded to another Selector, and then only when that person takes ACTION – then the Initial Selector information will automatically change to reflect the Selector who last  ‘Actions’ the title.


3.   Selector Signature Change Allowed by Ratifier Only:  

When the Retain Selector Signature box is checked the ‘Selector’ who ‘Actions’the title will be carried throughout the title history (as noted in Option 2), even if forwarded to another Selector.     
However, the Selector signature can be edited by the Ratifier in the ‘Order Info/Selector’ box. In most cases, the Ratifier will keep the Selector signature as is, but there may be instances where a Selector change is warranted, especially when switching funds or allocated budget. 

4.  Do Not Allow Selector Change:  

To restrict the ‘Initial Selector’ so that it will not and cannot be changed when moved from one Selector to another, even when someone else ‘Actions’ the title,both boxes must be checked. 


Again, it is important to note that the default setting is for neither to be checked, as in Option 1. 

For this feature, the term ‘Ratifier’ means anyone who has ‘Automatic Authorization’ to place orders. This is particularly important to note in a 3-tier workflow where you have a ‘Reviewer’ who is also referred to as a ‘Ratifier.'