What do the different parts of the approval profile matches tab mean?

Librarians can review the criteria which triggered or failed to trigger a match against title to a profile in the Approval Profile Matches section. 

Approval Centers

ProQuest has three approval centers, or offices where each ISBN may be treated for approvals customers. They are located in Nashville in the US, Rijswijk in the Netherlands (NL), and Ringwood in the UK. An ISBN may be "treated" (meaning metadata is reviewed and added to the title for matching against approval plans) in one, two, or all three centers, depending on the needs of customers who receive content from each region. 

Approval Status

Every title in OASIS is assigned an approval status to indicate where in the approval process the title sits. 

No iApprove Information applicable: The title is not currently in queue to be treated by any of the ProQuest approvals teams.

Title for consideration: The title has not been processed through an approval center, but is in the pool for consideration.

Provisionally selected: The title is in process. A pre-match may have been made based on pre-publication information, however the result has not yet been verified and finalized by a ProQuest selector. 

Selection Cycle Complete: The title has completed its journey through the approval process and all slips, books, and DDA records have been finalized and submitted.

Pub List

OASIS displays the most recent publisher list price that has been provided by a publisher or supplier for the title.


OASIS will display the currency that corresponds to the publisher list price. This will often correspond to the geographic region of the approval center.

Title Match Criteria

The left-most column will include a vertical list of "attributes" or metadata applied to the title which affected the approval result for a given profile. This may include the classification number or interdisciplinary subject areas relevant to the specific approval profile, so different profiles may display different attributes in this list.

Though rare, special profile Notes may also be included in this list. These are free text requirements that cannot be automatically configured and must be reviewed by a book-in-hand ProQuest selector to finalize the approval match. 

Profile Match Criteria

Approval plans may consist of one or many individual profiles. This column lists the unique OASIS profile code as well as the common name of the profile, followed by:

Profile Type: If a profile can result in a book match, then the profile type is "Book." Fund: Profiles can be designed to automatically assign a fund code to each approval book match.

Location: Profiles can be designed to automatically assign a location code to each approval book match.

Additionally, this column includes a list of relevant attributes associated with the profile. A title which includes the same attribute in the Title Match column and the Profile Match will produce a positive match for the library.


OASIS uses a proprietary automated matching program called Matchmaker to align content options with a library's profiles. 

Matchmaker Pre-Pub match: In some cases, the ProQuest approvals team will run titles through a pre-match step to gage interest in a title before adding additional metadata and treating the title book-in-hand. The pre-match may result in a predicted slip, book, or exclusion based on the the available metadata.

Matchmaker Final: When additional metadata is added based on book-in-hand review, the Matchmaker may suggest a slip, book or exclusion that might differ from a previous match because of the added metadata.

Coutts Selector Decision

Matchmaker Final decisions are reviewed by ProQuest selectors for accuracy and best-fit with library profiles. The selector may decide to override Matchmaker because of notes or other knowledge of the library's specific collection strategies. Certain types of slips-only profiles do not include ProQuest selection review step.

If a title matches on more than one of a library's profile, all this information is repeated for each profile against which the book matches. 

Sales Order Information

If an approval order (book) match is finalized for the profile, the following order information will display below the Profile Match Criteria:

Sales Order: The internal ProQuest sales order number.
Order Date: The date the order was created (finalized) by ProQuest.
Fund: Fund code for the order as defined in the approval profile template.
Purchase Order: Customer's PO number as defined in the approval profile template.
Status: Status of order, eg. "Purchase order created" or "Shipped to customer"
Location: Location code as defined in approval profile template.
Loan type: Loan type code for the order as defined in the approval profile template.

Invoice Information

If an order has been completed, invoice information will display beneath the Matchmaker results:

Invoice: Invoice number associated with the ProQuest sales order.
Invoice Date: Date the invoice was produced.
Tracking: Link to UPS tracking information.

Returns Information

Returned No.: Returned reference number for the title, if it was returned to ProQuest.
Credit Note: Reference number if a credit note was issued.
Date: Date of credit note.