This document will help ProQuest OASIS customers prepare their Alma system for use with the Check Availability & Pricing API. The Check Availability & Pricing API will allow communication between OASIS and the customer’s Alma system to search for titles in OASIS and obtain stock and pricing information for print titles (firm orders and print DDA).
The setup process will involve configuration on both the Alma and OASIS systems.  Information will need to be obtained from ProQuest and some information configured in Alma as well.
The API will allow customers to configure Alma to show OASIS as a vendor, and search stock/pricing and order titles via OASIS without leaving the Alma platform.


The OASIS Check Availability & Pricing API is a web service that can be used to determine availability for a given ISBN in the OASIS catalog via a programmatic script.


Before Alma can complete a Check Availability & Pricing call to OASIS, it must be provided an API Key by OASIS. This key is unique per customer and should not be shared or distributed to anyone outside of your organization.

To obtain this key, the system administrator must contact OASIS customer service to request the Check Availability & Pricing API:

Set Up


From Acquisitions menu in Alma, choose Check Availability and Pricing from under the Purchase Request heading.


If vendor does not have EDI to OASIS-Alma set up, then an email will be sent to OASIS

Performing a Check Availability & Pricing

Using the parameters listed in a further section below, the user will need to build a Check Availability & Pricing URL and place into a browser window. Accessing the URL will return a message that will indicate OASIS availability for the title.

Sample Run

The URL to invoke the Check Availability & Pricing API is:<value>&ISBN=<value>
In the test environment, would be substituted with


Field NameAPI Key NameDescription
API KeyapiKeyThe customer's unique API Key as provided by ProQuest
ISBNISBNThe 10 digit ISBN number for the requested title

Sample Return

Non-Stocked Item



{"Environment":"Alpha","RequestEnd":"\/Date(1453761996840-0600)\/","RequestStart":"\/Date(1453761981801-0600)\/","Code":0,"DeliveryDays":"14","Message":"OASIS Accepts Orders"}

Stocked Item



{"Environment":"Development","RequestEnd":"\/Date(1558557900157+0000)\/","RequestStart":"\/Date(1558557899140+0000)\/","Code":0,"DeliveryDays":"4","Message":"In Stock"}

Unsuccessful Return

If an error is encountered, the returned value will look like:
ConditionError CodeExample Return Value
Missing Parameter200{"Code":200,"Message":"<error text>"}
Error400{"Code":400,"Message":"<error text>"}
The field ‘error text’ can be inspected and logged to determine the extent of the problem.