How do I search or browse for specific streaming video content in OASIS?

There are a variety of ways to locate streaming video content in OASIS. 

Known Title Search

If you know the title of the video you would like to search, you can enter it in the title field of the advanced or quick search. It may be necessary to further refine the search using filters. In the left-hand corner "Click to apply filters" and then choose "Binding Format contains streaming" to narrow the list to only streaming content. Alternatively you can narrow your search from the outset by setting the Binding Format to "Streaming Video" from the drop-down on the advanced search page.

Browse by Subject

If you don't have a specific title in mind but you are interested in a particular subject area, you should set the Binding Format to "Streaming Video" on the advanced search page and then enter a subject in the Keyword field or the LC/MeSH Subject field. 

Browse by Platform

There are currently two ways to narrow a search to a given platform. In either of the above searches, you may be able to use a Series Title in the advanced search page to find a specific collection. This may be either a true series on the platform, or a custom series for the platform. For example, by entering Alexander Street in the Series Title field, you will bring back only titles on the Alexander Street platform. (If you do not restrict the initial search to streaming video format, the results will include Alexander Street DVDs, as well.)

Additionally, to restrict or refine a search by a specific platform, you may choose that platform from the Platform field on the advanced search page.


If your library has signed up to purchase content from a streaming video provider on OASIS, but you cannot find the platform listed in the Platforms dropdown on the advanced search page, double check that the box to display the platform is checked in your Account Settings > Preferences