MEDLINE (MeSH) Qualifier Terms and Quick Codes

MEDLINE® (MeSH) Abbreviations and Quick Codes
MeSH Abbreviations

The following table reflects the abbreviation codes that may be used for applying a drug/disease qualifier term to a subject heading search query using the MeSH mnemonic.

The second column is the abbreviation code; the first column is the qualifier which the abbreviation code represents. 

Drug/Medical Qualifer Term Abbreviation
Abnormalities AB
Administration and dosage AD
Adverse effects AE
Agonists AG
Analogs and derivatives AA
Analysis AN
Anatomy and histology AH
Antagonists and inhibitors AI
Biosynthesis BI
Blood BL
Blood supply BS
Cerebrospinal fluid CF
Chemical synthesis CS
Chemically induced CI
Chemistry CH
Classification CL
Complications CO
Congenital CN
Contraindications CT
Cytology CY
Deficiency DF
Diagnosis DI
Diagnostic use DU
Diet therapy DH
Drug effects DE
Drug therapy DT
Economics EC
Education ED
Embryology EM
Enzymology EN
Epidemiology EP
Ethics ES
Ethnology EH
Etiology ET
Genetics GE
Growth and development GD
History HI
Immunology IM
Injuries IN
Innervation IR
Instrumentation IS
Isolation and purification IP
Legislation and jurisprudence LJ
Manpower MA
Metabolism ME
Methods MT
Microbiology MI
Mortality MO
Nursing NU
Organization and administration OG
Parasitology PS
Pathogenicity PY
Pathology PA
Pharmacokinetics PK
Pharmacology PD
Physiopathology PP
Poisoning PO
Prevention and control PC
Psychology PX
Radiation effects RE
Radiography RA
Radionuclide imaging RI
Radiotherapy RA
Rehabilitation RH
Secondary SC
Secretion SE
Standards ST
Statistics and numerical data SN
Supply and distribution SD
Surgery SU
Therapeutic use TU
Therapy TH
Toxicity TO
Transmission TM
Transplantation TR
Trends TD
Ultrasonography US
Ultrastructure UL
Urine UR
Utilization UT
Veterinary VE
Virology VI
MeSH Quick Codes

The following table reflects the quick codes that may be used for applying a regular group of qualifier codes to a query using the MeSH mnemonic.

The second column is the quick code, the first column is the grouping of standard qualifiers which the quick code represents. 

Quick Code Description Abbreviation
Quick anatomy (AH BS CY PA UL EM AB IR) QA
Quick embryology (EM AB) QB
Quick chemistry (CH AG AA AI CS) QC
Quick diagnosis (DI PA RA RI US) QD
Quick etiology (ET CI CO SC CN EM GE IM MI VI PS TM) QE
Quick surgery (SU TR) QG
Quick microbiology (MI VI) QK
Quick complications (CO SC) QL
Quick metabolism (ME BI BL CF DF EN PK UR) QM
Quick analysis (AN BL CF IP UR) QN
Quick organization (OG EC LJ MA ST SD TD UT) QO
Quick pharmacology (PD AD AE PO TO AG AI CT DU PK) QP
Quick statistics (SN EP EH MO SD UT) QS
Quick therapy (TH DH DT NU PC RT RH SU TR) QT
Quick therapeutic use (TU AD AE CT PO) QU
Quick epidemiology (EP EH MO) QW
Quick toxicology (PO TO AE CT) QX
Quick physiology (PH GE GD IM ME BI BL CF DF EN PK UR PP SE) QY
Quick cytology (CY PA UL) QZ