Remote Access to Chadwyck-Healey products

Remote access to Chadwyck-Healey Products

Remote Access
ProQuest Chadwyck-Healey resources support various ways of remote access for subscribing organizations, depending on the product. If you are unable to login to a database via its main page, please contact your library to find out how to authenticate. For a description of the different authentication methods that ProQuest Chadwyck-Healey supports, please, see below.

Username/password boxes
This authentication method is based on ProQuest user accounts. ProQuest provides a unique username and password per institution. If you have a username and password that is unique to you, please, do not enter them here. Go to your institution's website instead, and login to this product via the links they provide.

Federated Access Management – Remote Users at UK and US institutions
Some of our resources support federated access for institutions in the UK and the US via Shibboleth. If your institution is member of the UK Access Management Federation for Education and Research or the InCommon Federation in the USA then you will be able to login to this product by clicking on the link Remote Users: login via your home organization that appears on the homepage. If your institution is listed on the page but you are having problems logging in, then please contact our Technical Support team so that we can ensure that your account has been set up correctly.

If you cannot see this link on the product page, or if your institution is not included in the list, please contact your library to find out how to authenticate.

Athens is a third-party authentication system used primarily at UK institutions whereby users will have a unique username and password that have been assigned exclusively to them. Please note that not all our products support Athens. If the resource you are trying to access is Athens compliant you will see an Athens login link on the homepage. If you have an Athens username and password, please click on that link to be taken to the Athens authentication point. Alternatively, you can always login to this product via My Athens.

US Online Universities
If you are a student at an online university such as University of Phoenix, American InterContinental University Online, DeVry University, Kaplan University, etc., please do not enter your login details on the homepage, but use the links on your library website to access this resource.

Referring URL
If you are a librarian and you are interested in setting up referring URL access to any of our resources, please contact our Customer Service team.

If none of the above applies to you and you believe you should have access to this product please, contact your library to find out how to authenticate.