How do I create a teacher account for My eLibrary?

How do I create a teacher account in eLibrary?
In order to create a My eLibrary teacher account you must first login through the school or library that you receive access through. If you are not sure how to login from home please contact your school or library directly.

1.  Once you have logged in click on the My eLibrary tab at the top of the page. 

2.  Fill out the required information and click the checkbox Please check this box if you are an admin at your school

3.  Click on the Create my account button. If the user name is already taken, you will be prompted to try a different user name.

4.  Enter the number in your administrator's username*. If you do not know the administrative username, please contact Customer Service.

* The adminstrator username will begin with ADM000000000.  You will only need to type just the numbers after the ADM.