Do I have to do anything differently when writing my manuscript?


You simply write your document as you normally would in your word processor, keeping a few tips in mind to improve the quality of the PDF document:

Spacing and pagination: Use tabs instead of a series of spaces to align text. Insert page breaks instead of a series of paragraphs to start a new page. Use section breaks to change the format between pages in the document. Use your word processor's tools for creating tables of contents and cross references to ensure that pagination is consistent even if the generation of the PDF file causes the pages to shift slightly.

Fonts: We recommend using standard fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial. If using unusual fonts, be sure to use embeddable Type 1 or TrueType fonts.

Graphics: It's best to use EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files rather than bitmaps, GIFs, or JPEG images. Use a high resolution such as 600-dpi. Avoid using graphic editors that are part of a word processor.

Equations: Microsoft Word users should NOT use Microsoft Word's Equation Editor. Instead, use italic Times Roman font and Symbol font, along with superscripts and subscripts to create equations.


Vous rédigez simplement votre document comme vous le feriez normalement dans votre programme de traitement de texte, en gardant quelques conseils à l'esprit pour améliorer la qualité du document PDF :