Search an Exisiting Title

Search an Exisiting Title

Recommended search options:

ISBN 10 or 13: Type ISBN 10 or 13 with or without hyphens and click Search.


Title: Enter the first few words of the title omitting any leading articles (e.g., The, A) or punctuation. Click Search.


Status: Select a status from the drop-down box (e.g., Active, Out of Print). Click Search.


To view all of your titles: Leave all fields empty. Click Search.

You will be taken to the Search: Results page (If the table indicates “no matches…”, you will need to click on the BACK button in your browser and start a new search).

Browse the page to find the title you want to display.

To view/edit the title click on the red arrow in the edit column and to the left of the ISBN/Title you want to view.

You will now be on the Title Information screen. You may apply updates and add information as needed.

Click Finish and Save after you have entered all the necessary information.

The message YOUR CHANGES HAVE BEEN SAVED IN THE PENDING TRANSACTION # indicates you have successfully saved your information. Any errors or omissions will be displayed and highlighted in red. Make the appropriate corrections then click Finish and Save again. Continue to make corrections until the above message appears.

Once your information is saved, it will be listed in View Pending Transactions screen until our processing begins. Note that it takes approximately 2 business days for your information to move from Pending to Bowker's database. Your title will not be searchable in BowkerLink Search Title screen during that time.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see links to access the Additional Title Information and Upload Cover Image pages.

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