My Research Administrator

My Research Administrator (Pre-Recorded Module)

The My Research Administrator Tool was created for administrators of ProQuest Dialog accounts to enable their management of both user IDs/passwords and content access. To learn more about how to use this tool, click on the link to view a brief pre-recorded module or review the script below:
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ProQuest Dialog At a Glance

The My Research Administrator

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This short module on ProQuest Dialog™ shows how to use the My Research Administrator.

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The Administrator Module is designed for use by the designated Administrator at an organization's site. In this module you will learn to import and manage a list of users, set up both individual and group accounts and edit accounts.

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Designated administrators will see an Administration link at the top right of the Home Page when they log on. Click the link to use the features of the Administrator module.

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The Administrator can set up and manage My Research individual accounts or workgroups.  When you sign into My Research and click the Administration link for the first time — or, when you've been to the page, but never created any accounts or workgroups the Administration page displays, providing a single tab labeled My Research Accounts. To add My Research accounts, you can Create a single user account or Import a list of users.

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To create individual My Research accounts, click the My Research Accounts tab. Then set up individual users. Here you will see a list of individual users that have already been set up. Click Create a single user account to set up additional individual accounts.

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To add a new user, complete the popup box that displays including username, password, first and last name, email address and workgroup name. Check the box under Email address to email the My Research login information to the user.

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An email is automatically generated and sent to users you have set up in My Research. The email provides the username and password. The password can be changed by the user.

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Administrators may also import a list of users.

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You can import a list of users in a formatted .csv file, and ProQuest will automatically create My Research accounts for all the users. The file must contain each user's first and last name and email address. Browse to find the file. Click the checkbox to email the login information to each user.  Then click Import Users.

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An administrator can also set up workgroups. Workgroups allow an administrator to create a class of settings for My Research accounts. Enter the workgroup name, check the settings you want your users to have available and the databases they can use. Click Save.

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A list of workgroups you have already set up displays with workgroup name, database and user interface settings. Click Create a new workgroup to set up a new workgroup.

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Note the system automatically changed the username on one user to differentiate it from another user with the same name.

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You can also edit accounts.  For example, you can set a date for an account to expire. If you want to provide a contractor with a user ID, this is a good option.

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In summary, My Research Administrators are designated to set up and manage individual and workgroup accounts for the organization.  They are assigned by the overall administrator and given a special My Research Administrator ID.  The My Research administrator can create and manage individual user accounts, import lists of users and set up workgroups with specific databases to access and interface settings.  The administrator can also edit accounts. For more information on using My Research visit the ProQuest Dialog User web page and try the My Research module.

Source: ProQuest Dialog Migration Center - Administrators Support