ProQuest Administrator Module (PAM)

ProQuest Administrator Module

The ProQuest Administrator Module is a Web-based tool that provides your organization the ability to authenticate users and establish research permission levels.  From the ProQuest Administrator Module you can:
  • Change the User Interface settings, including branding, login, URLs and subject areas
  • Develop Usage Reports, including preparing statistical reports and/or scheduling email
  • Set up Linking In/Out, links to other resources or link resolvers such as links in from Google Scholar of Pub Med
  • Set up Authentication/Access, specify and manage the ways your users connect to the ProQuest Dialog platform  

My Research Administrators have an Administration link when they log in.
The Admin user can choose to manage My Research accounts for individuals or workgroups.
The Administrator can create and manage workgroup settings.
From a pop-up menu, workgroups allow an Administrator to create a class of settings within My Research accounts.
Administrators can create accounts and send credentials, e.g. login and passwords to those that have access.
Administrators can also assign accounts to specific workgroups.
Administrators can create a single user account or import names from a pre-established list.
The Administrator Module will automatically detect account duplication and create numeric differences as needed.
For contract workers, accounts can be set up to expire.