Embase (EMTREE) Qualifier Terms and Quick Codes

EmbaseĀ® (EMTREE) Qualifier Terms and Abbreviations

The following table reflects the abbreviation codes that may be used for applying a drug/disease qualifier term to a subject heading search query using the EMTREE mnemonic.

The second column is the abbreviation code; the first column is the qualifier which the abbreviation code represents.

Drug/Disease Qualifer TermAbbreviation
Adverse drug reactionAE
Buccal drug administrationBD
Clinical trialCT
Congenital disorderCN
Disease managementDM
Drug administrationAD
Drug analysisAN
Drug combinationCB
Drug comparisonCM
Drug concentrationCR
Drug developmentDV
Drug doseDO
Drug interactionIT
Drug resistanceDR
Drug therapyDT
Drug toxicityTO
Endogenous compoundEC
Epidural drug administrationEI
Inhalational drug administrationIH
Intraarterial drug administrationIA
Intraarticular drug administrationAR
Intrabronchial drug administrationBR
Intrabursal drug administrationBU
Intracameral drug administrationCL
Intracardiac drug administrationIC
Intracavernous drug administrationCA
Intracerebral drug administrationCE
Intracerebroventricular drug administrationCV
Intracisternal drug administrationCI
Intradermal drug administrationDL
Intraduodenal drug administrationDU
Intragastric drug administrationIG
Intralesional drug administrationIL
Intralymphatic drug administrationLY
Intramuscular drug administrationIM
Intranasal drug administrationNA
Intraocular drug administrationIO
Intraosseous drug administrationOS
Intraperitoneal drug administrationIP
Intrapleural drug administrationPL
Intraspinal drug administrationSP
Intrathecal drug administrationTL
Intratracheal drug administrationTR
Intratumoral drug adminTU
Intratympanic drug administrationTY
Intraurethral drug administrationUR
Intrauterine drug administrationUT
Intravaginal drug administrationVA
Intravenous drug administrationIV
Intravesical drug administrationVE
Intravitreal drug adminVI
Oral drug administrationPO
Parenteral drug administrationPA
Periocular drug administrationOC
Rectal drug administrationRC
Regional perfusionRP
Retrobulbar drug administrationR
Side effectSI
Subconjunctival drug administrationCJ
Subcutaneous drug administrationSC
Sublabial drug administrationSB
Sublingual drug administrationLI
Topical drug administrationTP
Transdermal drug administrationTD

EMBASE Quick Codes

The following table reflects the quick codes that may be used for applying a regular group of qualifier codes to a query using the EMTREE mnemonic.

The second column is the quick code, the first column is the grouping of standard qualifiers which the quick code represents.

Quick Code DescriptionAbbreviation
Quick diagnosis (DI)QD
Quick therapy (DT, RT, SU, TH)QT
Quick toxicology (AE, TO, SI)QX

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