To access ProQuest databases you will need to follow the remote access instructions of your school or library.

Technical Support is not able to provide username and password information to users.

If you are having trouble logging into the school's or library's website, you will need to contact the school or library directly for help.

If you are having problems connecting to ProQuest after following the remote access instructions please double check your personal firewall and browser cookie settings. Cookies need to be turned on to "Accept All Cookies" and the firewall settings can be foundĀ here. If you have a brand of software not represented on that page, you will need to contact that vendor for assistance in adjusting it to allow access to our databases.

These error messages below are the most common type of authentication failure messages that you might see when trying to log into ProQuest:

If you continue to have access difficulties, and do not believe the problem is related to any security software, please contact support and we can continue working together to get you access to the product.