All book search terms are not finding results

Why aren't all book search terms used to find results?

All books retrieved in HeritageQuest Online contain all the words you searched for, although they may not be on the same page. To find words you searched for, click on the number of hits next to the Table of Contents in the Book Citation. The hits represent any word you searched for. The criteria for a book to return as a results is that every word you searched for has to appear in the book, but not on the same page. For example, if you search for Person: Eastman in Place: Clinton, New York, the individual "hits" can be Eastman, Clinton, or New York. When you find a page with a hit on it, you will find one or more of those words, but not necessarily all. ALL the words will appear somewhere in the book, however.

When you enter words into a single search box, HeritageQuest Online looks for the words within 5 words of each other. This lets users search for names by entering either the surname or given name first. It also lets users find names that contain initials in the full text without entering the initials.

If you want to search for an exact phrase, enter the words with quotes around your phrase. HeritageQuest Online will search for the exact phrase.