Authentication Failed or Login Required error

Why do I get an error saying Authentication Failed or Login Required when trying to access HeritageQuest® Online from home?

HeritageQuest® Online remote access makes use of referring URL authentication to keep unauthorized users from getting into the system. Referring URL authentication checks the information transmitted by your browser to make sure that you are connecting through an authorized institution. If the referring URL is absent, you will get an error.

The most common causes for this are:

  • You are using a personal firewall
  • You tried to access HeritageQuest Online from a bookmark or by
    typing the URL
  • Your computer is running a personal firewall (or other security 
    software) that stops your browser from sending the referring URL
You need to configure your personal firewall to stop it from blocking the referrer information. Most firewalls will allow you to set up a trusted site. Once you set up a trusted site in your firewall, you will be able to access the site. For HeritageQuest Online to work, you need to mark the following sites as trusted:

You tried to access HeritageQuest® Online via a browser bookmark, or by typing the HeritageQuest® Online URL in your browser's address box.

You should access HeritageQuest® Online by clicking the appropriate hyperlink on your institution's Web site. Do not bookmark or manually enter the HeritageQuest® Online URL.