Recycling a title puts it into your Recycling Box. When it is in the Recycling Box, the other OASIS users in your library can see that you put the title in the Recycling Box. This is useful for recording your negative choice of a title, i.e. it allows everyone (including your Content Workflow Consultant if you use a profile or slips) to know that you are not going to purchase the title.

You can view all the titles in your Recycling Box from Slip Notifications. It also shows in List & Groups but as a bulk list or by day.

Recycling is not an instant action. When you choose Recycling, you are marking the title for an action. That action takes place when you process the list.


With Delete Now you can immediately remove a title from a list. This instant action will help you quickly remove titles that you no longer wish to keep in a list–including created lists or lists that result from a search.