Lists in OASIS can refer to the list of results from doing a search to a list of items in your shopping cart to the list of orders you've placed and more. There are over 40 ways to filter those lists to assist you in finding exactly what you're looking for.


In the upper left side of the list, there is a click to apply filter selection which will open this dialogue box:

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Select which filter you want to use and how you want that to be applied in your narrowing (contains, excludes, equals, starts with, ends with, greater than, less than) and then enter your choice of filter wording in the blank box.
TIP: Until you get familiar with the wording in OASIS simply find a result you want to include in the results and copy that exact wording. Example: Binding equals cloth.

You can select multiple filters by repeating the steps above using the left command of Another Filter until you're ready to execute your search using the middle Apply Filter(s) Now command.

If the filtered search doesn't result in what you're looking for, of if you'd like to add additional filters (or remove others) to your search, simply click on the Filter box and it will take you back to the Filter choices dialogue box.

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