Ebook Central's collection of books is continually growing.  Occasionally books also need to be removed from subscriptions and/or from DDA/purchase eligibility because of changes in publishers rights and business models, or because of a publisher’s specific request to remove an older edition and replace it with a newer edition.

ProQuest is glad to report that we have been able to negotiate with most of our publishers to hold removals to a semiannual schedule so that we can give you advance notification.

Semiannual removals schedule:

The bulk of new titles are added on a quarterly schedule:

Often a few books are added between these scheduled add dates, and there continue to be a handful of removals from large subscriptions most months due to loss of publisher rights.  Loss of rights requires titles to be removed immediately, and so unfortunately must be removed off schedule.  

If you are librarian and you use Ebook Central MARC records to keep your catalog up-to-date, it is important to process your Ebook Central MARC Updates on a regular basis.  For details about the Ebook Central MARC Updates tool  >See more