Ebook Central Accessibility Statement

ProQuest is committed to providing an experience that is fully accessible to everyone. We make every effort to ensure that all pages of Ebook Central comply with web accessibility guidelines.

Standards & Features

When designing Ebook Central, we aim to meet the needs of patrons with disabilities, particularly the blind and visually impaired:

In addition to the specific accessibility standards, we offer accessibility mode, where the book content is presented in HTML that automatically reflows and can be magnified using browser controls. Patrons may turn on accessibility mode themselves with their screen reader – no librarian or tech support needed. For patrons who do not use screen readers, they can turn the option on under their profile settings, or their administrator may ask for accessibility mode to be turned on via the Submit a Case web form.

Although Ebook Central isn’t officially certified for text-to-speech, limited functionality may be available online. For downloaded PDFs and EPUB, assistive technology typically reads whatever metadata or alternative text is provided by the publisher and tagged to be associated with the image or chart. 

In addition, patrons may turn on OpenDyslexic typeface for ease of reading and using the Ebook Central interface.

For a short demonstration of accessibility on Ebook Central, please view our video.

For detailed information on individual features, please refer to our VPAT (available from the ProQuest Accessibility Directory) and Customer FAQs.

Development & Testing

Ebook Central code is checked for accessibility using a range of automated and manual checks. For example, we test the interface for screen reader accessibility using JAWS with Internet Explorer and VoiceOver with Safari. Other tools used to test accessibility include WAVE (web accessibility evaluation tool) provided by WebAim and manual keyboard checks.

Accessible Content

Ebook Central offers a range of options to obtain accessible versions of ebooks including:

These self-service options are the fastest way to fulfill patrons’ needs for accessible ebooks. 

*DRM restrictions are set by the publisher to protect their rights but can limit ebook accessibility for readers who use assistive technologies or just need to spend more time with materials. When a DRM-protected ebook is downloaded, it requires technology like Adobe DRM to manage the print, copy, and download restrictions. Users must install programs that support Adobe DRM, such as Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire Reader to read downloaded ebooks.

Ebook Central has hundreds of thousands of titles without DRM restrictions in place and is adding more every day. ProQuest is devoted to removing DRM restrictions and is working with our publisher partners to increase the number of DRM-Free titles available on Ebook Central. 

For titles that are not DRM-free on Ebook Central, if you wish to have the full book without DRM or expiration, please contact Bookshare (U.S.) or RNIB Bookshare (UK), both of which provide accessible titles to patrons with disabilities and organizations that serve them.

If your location is not served by Bookshare and you don’t wish to contact the publisher directly, please use the Contact Us web form and we will work with the publisher. Please note that wait times can vary.

Support & Feedback

Ebook Support services are available to accommodate the communication needs of patrons with disabilities. In addition to public support articles, patrons may communicate with customer support via phone or the Contact Us web form, with typical response time of 1 business day.