The first thing you will need to do is ensure that the login you have has 'make visible' enabled. To do this, select “Librarian Permissions” under the Users tab in LibCentral. You can edit the permissions by clicking on the Permission ID:

Librarian Permissions page in LibCentral

On the resulting Permission Details screen, scroll down to the heading “Settings.” Make sure that the setting “Can Update Ebook Visibility” is set to Yes. 

Permission Detail page - change visibility option

If it is not, change it and click “Save.”

Once this is enabled, when you search for a title, a small link labeled 'modify' will appear next to the green 'on' or red 'off'. 

Modify link in search results

Once you click on modify you'll get a pop up that will allow you to alter the visibility of a title. 

Modify visibility popup

You can update visibility for lists in 'manage lists' under the Collections tab - please note this can be overridden by your profile, so we recommend you contact your CRM if you are unsure about making these changes.