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ProQuest Dialog™ Global Customer Support

ProQuest Dialog offers a unique approach to precision search for users of all skill levels — from novice to expert — with workflow tools to refine and share your results. Plus, our trusted Global Customer Support team provides unparalleled expertise to support your research needs at every step, including search consultation, Alert set up, technical support, and specialized training.


How Do I ... ? & Search Solutions
Consult the How Do I ... ? and Search Solutions series for step-by-step instructions to help you accomplish the most common tasks and searches on ProQuest Dialog.
Self-Guided Training Modules
View our short, on-demand recorded mini-presentations intended to quickly highlight useful features, content, and search tips. Try out the practice exercises to test your comprehension!
View more short training videos on You Tube!
ProQuest Dialog Search Screencasts
ProQuest Dialog At A Glance On-Demand Modules