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SIRS Publishing, Inc., is committed to ensuring that SIRS Web interfaces are accessible to all users, including persons with disabilities. Special techniques have been applied in the construction of SIRS database interfaces to provide enhanced navigation and clear presentation for use with screen reading technologies. In addition, a variety of important features have been added in order to facilitate online accessibility. Keyboard access keys provide users with a simple yet effective way to navigate, access information and take full advantage of interface functionality. Expanded form labels make selection of database options even easier.

The following PC Keyboard Access Keys are available as quick shortcuts to commonly used features and functions of the SIRS Discoverer interface. Currently, Access Keys are supported by Internet Explorer 4+ and Netscape Navigator 6 browsers for the PC.

User-added image

SIRS database interfaces fully adhere to U.S. government and industry guidelines regulating Web accessibility for disabled users. These guidelines include Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and Priority one standards of the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Compliance is tested utilizing standard evaluation tools, including the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) checklist and the Bobby analyzer provided by the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST).

Further tests to ensure compatibility with other assistive technologies are planned as part of SIRS Publishing's ongoing commitment to universal information access. If you encounter material or services on our Web site that you cannot use or access please notify so that accommodations can be made. Your comments and interest help us to identify areas for future development.