Before transferring a downloaded book from your computer to a device, you need to make sure Adobe Digital Editions on your computer and Bluefire Reader on your mobile device are authorized with the same Adobe ID. On Adobe Digital Editions you can find this information under Help->Authorization Information and on the Bluefire Reader mobile app it's under Info. To share a downloaded book between multiple devices an Adobe ID is required. 

Transferring a downloaded ebook from a computer to an Android device:
  1. Connect the powered on device to the computer.
  2. On computer: Go to 'My Digital Editions' folder and find the book file you'd like to transfer (the file name will be the book title), and copy this file
  3. On computer: Open the file browser and navigate to “Computer” > “Portable Devices” section > “(Name of the device)” > Tablet or Internal Storage > Bluefire folder > Imports folder. (the exact path may vary by operating system and device)
    • substep: you will need to allow file transfer by USB on your Android device. On your device, tap the "USB for..." notification. Select Transfer files.
  4. On computer: Paste the file into the Imports folder.
  5. On Android: Open Bluefire Reader.
  6. On Android: Navigate to Info tab and select “Import” folder.
  7. At that point you should be redirected to the Library tab with the “Processing” dialog displayed and your books should be successfully transferred into the Bluefire Reader Library.

Transfer downloaded ebook from computer to iOS device (requires iTunes):
  1. Connect your device to your computer. When you connect your device via USB, it appears as an icon in iTunes in the upper left.
  2. Once selected, you should see an option for "Apps" in the menu on the lefthand side. Please select it.
  3. From the "Apps" screen, scroll to the bottom where you will see a section labeled "File Sharing," and you should see the Bluefire Reader icon.
  4. Select the Bluefire Reader icon and you will be able to see all of the books in your Bluefire Reader library.
  5. In the lower right corner, you will see a button labeled "Add..." and if you click it, you will be able to navigate to where books are stored on your computer, and you can then load it automatically into Bluefire Reader.