Bookshelf migration is handled differently whether you are upgrading from EBL or ebrary:

When upgrading from EBL
to Ebook Central, patron bookshelf contents will be automatically copied over behind the scenes at the time of the upgrade without any involvement by the patron. Once the patron signs in on Ebook Central, their former EBL bookshelf contents (complete with their notes, highlights, and bookmarks, and with their EBL bookshelf folder structure, if any) will be in their Ebook Central bookshelf.
Note, this only works if the authentication method is not changed from what it was on EBL. By default the authentication method will remain the same, but if your library decides to change the authentication method from what it was on EBL, there is not an automated way for patrons' EBL bookshelves to be copied over.

When upgrading from ebrary to Ebook Central, patrons will be given the option to have their ebrary bookshelf contents copied over (complete with their notes, highlights, and bookmarks, and with their ebrary bookshelf folder structure, if any) to Ebook Central.
The option is displayed when the patron signs in to their Ebook Central account and clicks the Bookshelf tab.
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If the patron clicks the X, the option to have their ebrary bookshelf copied over will not be displayed again. If a patron accidentally closes it and still wants their ebrary bookshelf copied over, they need to contact the Technical Support Team on this form.

If the patron clicks the "Move ebrary Bookshelf" button, the next step depends on the form of authentication your site uses.
I.  For sites upgrading from ebrary only, If your ebrary site used the standard ebrary login page and your Ebook Central site uses the standard Ebook Central login page, then once the patron clicks the "Move ebrary Bookshelf" button, the system simply looks up the patron's ebrary bookshelf based on the username they used when signing into Ebook Central, and copies over the bookshelf contents.
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II.  For Ebook Central sites on which patrons sign in to their personal account through an EZproxy, Shibboleth, or Athens login page, once the patron clicks the "Move ebrary Bookshelf" button, they are shown the following screen:
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Librarians - if your organization is only upgrading from ebrary - not EBL as well - and didn't use a Single Sign On (SSO) authentication method on ebrary, the time of upgrade is a great time to switch to an SSO method. Patron bookshelf copy over will work smoothly. For information about SSO options >See more.

Frequently asked questions by patrons about bookshelf migration:
Q: If I already saved things to my Ebook Central bookshelf and then copy over my old ebrary bookshelf, will it overwrite it?
A: No - it just adds your ebrary bookshelf information.

Q: Since ebrary and Ebook Central docIDs are different, once I copy over my old ebrary bookshelf, will my saved links to books still point to the right book?
A:  Yes indeed!

Q: What if I had two or more personal ebrary accounts? Which bookshelf contents will be copied over?
A: Each Ebook Central account can only be mapped to one ebrary account. If the system sends you back to ebrary to sign in, it will map to whichever account you sign into. If the system copies over your bookshelf without needing you to sign in on ebrary, it will copy over the ebrary account with the same username.

Q: Will everything in my bookshelf be copied over?
A: Yes, for each book you had saved in your bookshelf, a link to that book will be copied over, and it will include the notes, highlights, and bookmarks you had made.  Also, the folder structure you had set up, if any, will be retained.

Q: What if I have forgotten my ebrary password?
A: To reset your ebrary password, go to the following page and click the 'Forgot username or password?' link:

Q: What if my bookshelf migration fails and I still really want the contents of my old ebrary bookshelf?
A: Contact the Technical Support Team and provide the username and email details for your Ebook Central account as well as for your old ebrary account.