There are two options for OASIS customers to place rush orders.

Option 1:

Stock Rush - Service Fee Applies
"Titles displayed on OASIS as In Stock"

This is a service that ProQuest Coutts has to set up for you with a special account number added to your Library Group that will end with the letter "R" Once this has been completed by our configuration team the button for ordering stock rush will be visible on OASIS for your team to place orders. This is a drop ship service that we offer with our partner Ingram, utilizing their available stock in their warehouses. The book will be dropped shipped to you directly from the Ingram warehouse, in a plain box with a packing slip inside the box. You will be charged the actual freight charges to have the book shipped from Ingram to you. Since the book bypasses our warehouse, no shelf ready services can be applied.
NOTE: UPS is the default method, if you would like expedited service (overnight) please advise and we will make a note on your account. You will receive an invoice from ProQuest Coutts via email in PDF format after you receive the book. The service fee for this rush option is the actual UPS freight charges, which will be added on to the book invoice. The turnaround time depending on which warehouse has the available stock is two to four days from point of order (Ingram cut off time is 12:00 PM Central Time).

You can check the stock rush box if you want to place an order this way. We will have mapping put into place so that the proper account will be recognized when you place your order.

Option 2:

Phone Rush - Service Fee Applies
"Will appear in the order form for non-stocked items (items with "Create Firm Order")

For the phone rush service option we will charge a $7.50 fee per title. We will phone the order directly to the publisher. Once the publisher has confirmed title(s) are available and ready to ship this could take approximately two weeks to receive. You can check the phone rush box in the order info tab and the order will be given priority.

If downloading Marc Records from OASIS

If you are downloading Marc Records from OASIS we have the ability to map either of these rush flags to a Marc tag if required.