On LibCentral you can use Budget Tracker to track and receive alerts against a Budget amount, when you pay as you go.

Please note however, If you use a Deposit Account you can still use Budget Tracker in combination, however we do recommend using Deposit alerts instead,

You can customize the Ebook Central patron platform by adding your institution’s logo.

To Create a new Budget Tracker: User-added image User-added image

In order to Create a new Budget Tracker, you will need to fill in the following fields and click on the Save button:

Tracker Name - Please type in the name for your Budget Tracker
Purchase Types - Can select multiple types of purchases
Fund Code - If you would like to include any Fund Code, please select existing or new otherwise none for no Fund Code.
Budget Amount - Specify the Amount for your budget
Alert Amount - 
Alert Recipients - Please add the recipients email address where the Alert will be sent to