The process for downloading a full ebook for offline reading on a mobile device using the app Bluefire Reader is similar to the process for downloading a full ebook on a laptop or computer.

First, install the app Bluefire Reader on your mobile device, and authorize Bluefire Reader with your Adobe ID. If you do not have an Adobe ID, you will need to create one. The Bluefire Reader will allow you to open and read the full ebook after the ebook is downloaded from Ebook Central.

After installing Bluefire Reader:
-Use a browser (Safari, Chrome, etc) on your mobile device to access Ebook Central. Navigate to the ebook you want to download.
-Click the "full download" button. You might be prompted to login to Ebook Central.

Then, Ebook Central will provide the following prompts:
-What device are you using?: Select your device (iOS or Android).
-You will need an ebook reader app: If you have already installed Bluefire Reader, or other reader app, select "done with this step."
-Download your book: Choose the loan length, and click “download.”

Depending how the setup of your device, the ebook will either automatically open in Bluefire Reader or you will be prompted to select "Open in Bluefire Reader."

If you are receiving an error message when downloading, see our tips for troubleshooting common issues with Bluefire Reader.