To download a full copy of an ebook for offline reading on a laptop or desktop computer:
  1. Click on the download button:
    1. If you are on the book's details page, the download button is located under the book's cover image:
Download button is on the left-hand side, under the 'read online' button
  1. Some libraries require you to open the book in the online reader before downloading. From the online reader, the download button is the first icon in the upper right:
Download button is the first icon along the top of the online reading pane
  1. If you are not already signed in to your Ebook Central account, you will be asked to sign in​, either on your library's login page or the Ebook Central login page depending on your library's settings. 
  2. After signing in, or if you are already signed in, you will be asked what kind of device you are using. Ebook Central should detect if you are coming from a laptop/desktop or mobile device and pre-select the appropriate option. 

Download process, step 1: choose your device
  1.  You will be prompted to download Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) first, if you haven’t already.
If you selected "I'm using my own computer" in step 1, you'll see a link to get an Adobe ID and a "Get Adobe Digital Editions" button, which will bring you to the Adobe downloads page for ADE. If you already have ADE, select "Done with this step"

Download Process - step 2: download Adobe Digital Editions

If you selected "I'm using a public computer" in step 1, you'll see a tip recommending you download to your own computer instead. If you choose to download on a public computer and open in Adobe Digital Editions, you may not retain access to the book for the entire loan period or be able to transfer the file to your own device, since downloaded files are associated with the user authorized on that particular instance of ADE. If you'd like to proceed anyway, select 'I Have Adobe Digital Editions':

Download - step 2: Get Adobe Digital Editions, on a public computer
  1. In Step 3, Select your download length and file type, if there is more than one option provided, and then click the Download button:

Download - step 3: Download your book
  1. You will receive an .acsm file. This file can only be opened by Adobe Digital Editions or ADE-compatible programs like Bluefire Reader. Once you open the .acsm file in ADE or Bluefire, the actual book file will be downloaded and open directly in that program (in EPUB or PDF format depending on which file format you selected in step 3). If you are using a public computer we recommend you send the .acsm file to yourself to open in ADE on your own computer later. Please note that you will need to authorize Adobe Digital Editions with an Adobe ID if you'd like to access the ebook on multiple devices. All devices must be authorized to the same Adobe ID in order to share downloaded files. 
Once you have downloaded the book, the next time you visit the book's details page you will see the information about the time remaining on your download:

Details page when you have an active download

You can also see information about your active downloads on the Bookshelf page:

Bookshelf - Downloads and Loans