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Early European Books is migrating to the ProQuest Platform!

ProQuest is pleased to inform you that Early European Books will be moving from its legacy Chadwyck-Healey interface, to the powerful, newly-enhanced ProQuest Platform, starting in September 2018! With its clean interface and responsive design, the ProQuest platform delivers a modern research experience that guides users’ discovery, access and management of rich, diverse content sources. As a result, the collections of Early European Books will be more discoverable as users will be able to cross-search its content along with scholarly journals, news, historical documents and other relevant sources.

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Dual access will start on September 30!

Access the new instance of Early European Books.

What this means for you, is that you can explore Early European Books in a new environment – the ProQuest Platform! Check out how it will look!

New Home Page:

Early European Books Homepage

New Visualization Tool — An Interactive Historical Map

Newly enhanced metadata has extended search, retrieval and discovery capabilities to deliver an improved user experience for students, scholars, faculty and library staff alike. Through a combination of amending and fully standardizing metadata across Early European Books collections, it's now possible to demonstrate the Place of Publication of the majority of titles as pinpoints on a scalable historical map. The data points may be further filtered by Source Library, Language, USTC Subject Classification and Date of Publication. Clicking on these pinpoints accesses title page thumbnail images beyond which the user may drill down further to the full record. Such functionality works to provide not just a novel means of searching the product but delivers the potential to visualize and interpret its contents in new and exciting ways.

Visualization Tool on the ProQuest Platform

Early European Books Visualization Tool

Improved Search Features — the same search indexes are available in a more user friendly style

Early European Books Look Up Author

Narrow Search with Specific Subject Classifications Overviews — help the scholar to narrow down results

Early European Books USTC

The book view with thumbnails also offers easy to download PDFs of the book and related results.

Early European Books Thumbnails

The many meta rich fields provides context for the book as well as opportunities to explore related items

Early European Books Indexing

Key Benefits

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