Use LibCentral to turn "on" or "off" the visibility of an ebook. Turning on an ebook’s visibility will allow users to see the ebook in Ebook Central. Turning off an ebook's visibility hides the ebook from the Ebook Central platform.  

To turn "on" an ebook's visibility:

Search for the ebook in LibCentral. Locate the title in the results list. "Visibility" displays to the right of the title. Click "Modify" to change the visibility.

click "modify" to the right of "visibility"

Or, change the visibility from the ebook's Full Record in LibCentral. Under the Book Details heading, click "Modify" to the right of "Visibility."

Click modify under the Book Details heading

After clicking "Modify" on either the search results page or Full Record, you will receive a pop-up window prompting you to update the visibility. Update the visibility and save.

a pop up prompts librarians to turn an ebook's visibility on or off.

To turn "off" the visibility of an owned or subscribed ebook, repeat the steps above, using the Full Record to change the visibility from "on" to "off." The visibility of DDA titles can be changed from the search results page or the ebook's Full Record.

To change the visibility of multiple ebooks at once, use the Title Match feature in LibCentral, found under the "Collections" tab.

Some LibCentral librarian permissions prevent LibCentral users from changing an ebook's visibility. If you are unable to change the ebook's visibility, go to LibCentral > Users > Librarian Permissions to review the permission settings. You can review your permission status in LibCentral > Users > Manage Librarians.