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November 2020 Editor's Picks
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If you missed
our panel discussion with the founders of Partners in Health – subjects of the award-winning documentary, Bending the Arc (FILM PLATFORM) watch the recording.  It was moderated by Tabitha Jackson, Director, The Sundance Film Festival and was an inspiration to all who attended.

Welcome Grasshopper Film to Academic Video Online (U.S. and North America Only) – Their independent, foreign and documentary films include highlights such as: October 2020 Editor's Picks
Multidisciplinary Documentaries

Welcome The Video Project. Over 200 multidisciplinary documentaries promote awareness and encourage action on social and global issues. Welcome BrandyY Productions Canadian-focused video content for teaching and learning. Brandy’s productions cover a wide range of social and factual genres including Indigenous peoples, gender, mental health, science and more. Enjoy the webinar we hosted with Brandy in Sept. where she talked about her experiences as a woman in the film and television industry and heard her stories about developing Canadian-focused video content for teaching and learning. Highlights of her documentaries include: Media Studies | Communication | Journalism | Current Events
BELLINGCAT – TRUTH IN A POST-TRUTH WORLD (U.S. access) explores the promise of open source investigation, taking viewers inside the exclusive world of the “citizen investigative journalist” collective known as Bellingcat. In cases ranging from the MH17 disaster to the poisoning of a Russian spy in the United Kingdom, the Bellingcat team’s quest for truth will shed light on the fight for journalistic integrity in the era of fake news and alternative facts. (First Run Features, 2018) First Year Courses
Welcome Makematic. These short-form video series’ are optimized for classroom teachers and great for introductory courses.
Highlights include:
Literature | American History | LGBT Studies
In Search of Walt Whitman (series) This engaging 3-part series tells the story of Walt Whitman’s remarkable life (1819-1892), the turbulent era in which he lived, and the timeless poetry he created. Interweaving narration and dramatic readings with captivating period music, insights from scholars, and photography filmed in key locations, this documentary brings to life Whitman’s unique character and poems. This is the most comprehensive film on Walt Whitman ever made.

September 2020 Editor’s Picks
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You’re invited
to our exclusive online live discussion panel with the founders of Partners in Health – subjects of the award-winning documentary, Bending the Arc (FILM PLATFORM). To be moderated by Tabitha Jackson, Director, The Sundance Film Festival, you will come away from this conversation with a deeper awareness of how socio-economic inequality results in health and medical inequities, contributing to the spread of disease among the resource-poor populations and more.  Learn more here.

Black Studies | American History | BLM Business | Art
Meow Wolf: Origin Story This documentary chronicles the jaw-dropping 10 year journey of an anarchic art collective into a multi-million dollar business. From having no access to blowing a new, profitable portal into the art world, this tumultuous journey has yielded new ways of participating in culture and entertainment for not only these artists, but for the people from all walks of life who engage in and are inspired by their work. With a mission to provide access to and inspire creativity in everyone, this company continues to experience growing pains, while continuing to reach for new impossibles.


Welcome Darden School of Business (University of Virginia). 80 business videos on: Political Science | American History | Women’s Studies | Current Affairs | Diversity
And She Could Be Next (PBS, Series) During the 2018 midterms, women of color run for political office in record numbers. Candidates and organizers mobilize to expand the electorate, inspire voters to turn out and make history in the process.

Political Science | Music | Literature | American History
Renegade Dreamers At a time when political activism is more important than ever, the air in NYC is filled with the sounds of subversive poetry, radical songwriting and calls for social change. From poetry slams and open mics many hip young poets and songwriters are consciously following in the footsteps of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan, and other rebels.RENEGADE DREAMERS interweaves past and present as it provides a look into an artistic/political wave that is happening today.

Watch high quality European film from Filmotor. Highlights include: Education | Social Work | Psychology
Bullied This work traces bullying and the effects of bullying, but also the methods and programs that have proven efficacious in reducing bullying in schools. From those people who live with the scars of having been bullied, to those families who now grieve the loss of their child to suicide in the wake of brutal acts of bullying, the film examines the reasons why people bully and the fallout that occurs from that bullying.

August 2020 Editors Picks July 2020 Editor Picks
Counseling & Therapy | Health Policy | Ethnic Studies/Race
Health Policy American History | Black Studies Education

June 2020 Editors Picks
Social Work


Health Studies/Policy

Women’s Studies

Asian Studies

Earth Science | Environmental Studies | Science

Film Studies

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May 2020 Editor's Picks

April 2020 Editor's Picks*

FILM PLATFORM Partnership Brings 500+ Documentaries to Academic Video Online!

ProQuest has partnered with renowned provider FILM PLATFORM, to bring more than 500 high-demand, thought-provoking documentaries to Academic Video Online.

FILM PLATFORM is known across the world for award-winning films curated for academic audiences. Their exclusive collection of documentary films has been carefully selected from prestigious film festivals, made by the best filmmakers from around the globe. Masterfully produced, the films create an emotional experience for the viewer, engaging them deeply and authentically in some of the most pressing issues of our time. Highlighted titles include:

Start watching today.

March 2020 Editor's Picks
Film Criminal Justice & Public Safety | Women's Studies
February 2020 Editor's Picks
Multidisciplinary Computer Science American History | Politics & Current Affairs January 2020 Editor's Picks
American History | Music
Country Music: A Film by Ken Burns (PBS)
This 8 episode PBS series features popular musicians such as Garth Brooks, Dwight Yoakam, Randy Travis, Merle Haggard, Roy Acuff and more.

American History
American Experience: Chasing the Moon (PBS) This 3 episode series explores the U.S. space race from 1957-1970 with insight into Apollo 1 and Apollo 8 as well as considering what happens to scientific and engineering programs - and to a country - after national goals have been achieved.

Veterinary Science
Big Animal Surgery Series (BBC) This 3 episode series takes us inside the dramatic world of big animal surgery to learn about the chimpanzee, lion and elephant.

EMT Studies
Paramedics: On the Frontline (BBC) This 30 episode program focuses on days in the life of an EMT, dealing with many different emergencies from drug abuse, accidents, crisis baby deliveries and more.

Environmental Studies
The Plastic Cup: The Official Story of The Plastic Pirates (Windrose SAS) A huge amount of plastic bags & bottles is swept away by the flood of the river Tisza, flowing through Ukraine, Romania, Hungary and Serbia. Hungarian idealists launched the "Plastic Cup", a long-distance race of a special kind on the river with boats made of the collected plastic garbage to pick up the trash and raise awareness on the issue…in a fun way!

November 2019 Editor's Picks
Psychology |Counseling & Therapy
The Gloria Films ONLY Available at ProQuest (3 Approaches to Psychotherapy: Client-Centered, Gestalt, and Rational-Emotive Therapies) Art & Architecture
Jay Myself (Oscilloscope Laboratories)
Filmmaker Stephen Wilkes turns his lens on his mentor, photographer Jay Maisel, as he prepares to move out of the six-story former bank building in Manhattan that he, his family and his random collection of objects have inhabited for 48 years.

College Algebra
Easy Education Almost 90 instructional videos with explanations and examples to guide students through key College Algebra topics.

Classical Music | Counseling & Therapy | Psychology
Through the lens of professional classical musicians, Composed explores the many ways we experience and can address performance anxiety. Faced with the judgment of peers, audience, conductors, and worst of all themselves, these musicians spend years trying to understand and overcome the physical and mental manifestations of their anxiety. Through their stories, we learn valuable lessons learned over a lifetime of professional performance; and we find that we are not alone in our quest to overcome the fear of failure and embarrassment. For anyone wanting to feel strength over fear and compassion over judgment, or simply seeking a closer look at anxiety and what makes us tick, Composed opens the door to a world of high stakes, high pressure, and peak performing.

Wayfinders: A Pacific Odyssey
This award-winning PBS documentary sweeps viewers into a seafaring adventure with a community of Polynesians, as they build traditional sailing canoes, learn how to follow the stars across the open ocean, and embark upon a 2,000-mile voyage in the wake of their ancestors. Wayfinders focuses on the revival of wayfinding — the art of guiding a canoe across long distances using only natural signs: the sun, the moon, the stars and the ocean swells. Nainoa Thompson is the first Hawaiian in hundreds of years to master celestial navigation. By passing on these ancient skills to a new generation of wayfinders, Nainoa begins the process of recovering connections with the past and preparing for the challenges of the future.

Global Issues
Moloka’I Solo
Windward Moloka’i, a rugged and stunningly beautiful coastline of Hawai’i, is explored in Moloka’i Solo. Legends, history, and archaeology are seen through the eyes of Audrey Sutherland who brings us along on her solo adventure as she kayaks this almost inaccessible wilderness. Providing a poetic narrative, she gives insights into the land, the sea, and her techniques for this unusual pastime.

Disability Studies| Social Theory | Education | Social Work October 2019 Editor's Picks
World Music | World History
The Resurrection of Victor Jara (Rise Up Filming)
This award-winning, feature-length film (produced by John Summa and directed by John Travers) documents the extraordinary life and legacy of iconic Chilean singer-songwriter, Victor Jara, executed in 1973 following a right-wing military coup.  Cast includes members of legendary music groups Quilapayún and Inti-Illimani, plus artists Angel Parra, Judy Collins, Bono, Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bernardo Palombo, León Gieco, and Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary).  The first part of the film explores, through friends and family, Victor’s music, life and the social context in which he emerges as a leader of a vanguard cultural movement for social change in Chile, South America. The second, captures the coup and post-coup periods, and Victor’s profound impact on activists, artists and musicians of all ages inside and outside Chile, featuring moving footage of his reburial in 2009 in Chile.

Environmental Studies
A Texas Myth (Collective Eye Films)
The Glover family invites an indigenous activist group to start a protest camp on their land in West Texas. They call the camp Two Rivers and fight the same company that built the pipeline at Standing Rock. As several industrial projects threaten the region, their struggle reveals much about the colonial legacy of Texas, and how what happens in Texas has reverberations around the world.

Pennhurst (Passion River Productions)
The Pennhurst State School and Hospital was opened in 1908 as a new model of treating the mentally challenged. Its dual purpose was to segregate and sterilize those deemed “mental defectives” and “feebleminded” from society. Shockingly underfunded and at over twice its capacity of 1300 residents in 1974, a landmark lawsuit was brought against Pennhurst that resulted in the US court demanding its closure and declaring for the first time that “people with mental retardation have a right to live in the community.” While some former residents of the institution see it as a place where they could excel and realize dreams, many others have a radically different view - that of a hell on earth, a place where beatings and rapes and disease were rampant, and where they were denied even the most basic human rights and needs. Pennhurst tells the saga of the institution through the people who know it best - its employees, the lawyers that fought the court battles, the caseworkers who handled the aftermath, and more than any of these the people who called it home. Through its inception as a new treatment paradigm to the landmark court cases which shut it down, ”Pennhurst" draws parallels between the past and the present, examining the attitudes of society towards the mentally challenged from the early 1900’s to the present day.

Global Issues
We Who Remain (360/VR)  (Emblematic Group)
The story of a region cut off from the world, "We Who Remain” ushers the viewer into the heart of a forgotten conflict in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. The first character-driven VR film shot in an active conflict zone, the story focuses on the students, mothers, journalists and rebels who struggle to improve their lives in the midst of a war that shows no signs of ending.

Toni Erdmann Sony Pictures Classics
Winfried doesn't see much of his working daughter Ines. The suddenly student-less music teacher decides to surprise her with a visit after the death of his old dog. It's an awkward move because serious career woman Ines is working on an important project as a corporate strategist in Bucharest. The geographical change doesn't help the two to see more eye to eye. Practical joker Winfried loves to annoy his daughter with corny pranks. What's worse are his little jabs at her routine lifestyle of long meetings, hotel bars and performance reports. Father and daughter reach an impasse, and Winfried agrees to return home to Germany. Enter flashy "Toni Erdmann" - Winfried's smooth-talking alter ego. Disguised in a tacky suit, weird wig and even weirder fake teeth, Toni barges into Ines' professional life, claiming to be her CEO's life coach. As Toni, Winfried is bolder and doesn't hold back, but Ines meets the challenge. The harder they push, the closer they become. In all the madness, Ines begins to understand that her eccentric father might deserve some place in her life after all.

September 2019 Editor's Picks

Over 130 360/VR Videos Added to AVON
Welcome 13 new titles from RYOT
Watch: Growing Up Girl (Anthropology | Global Issues)
Made in partnership between Bono's ONE Campaign and RYOT, experience a day in the life of a young girl who lives on the border of Tanzania and Kenya. Narrated by the ten year old girl, the film is a visceral and sensory experience that takes the viewer with her - as she treks to collect water, as she walk miles to school, and as she embarks on her nightly pilgrimage to the nearest light source to study. The film uses a personal narrative as a window into the global issue of poverty's effect on women and girls.

Welcome 123 new titles from the New York Times
Watch: Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel Open at the Met (Art & Architecture)
Take a 360 tour with Carmen C. Bambach, who curated “Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman and Designer” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Global Issues Cultural Anthropology Environmental Studies | Anthropology Criminal Justice & Public Safety | Global Issues | Women's Studies Politics & Current Affairs | Criminal Justice & Public Safety Global Issues Black Studies | Global Studies | Political Science NEW FROM SONY PICTURES CLASSICS
Film August 2019 Editor's Picks
Politics & Current Affairs
Art & Architecture American Music | Blues American Music | Folk Music | Rock Music Anthropology | Sports Medicine & Exercise Science Legal Studies | Paralegal July 2019 Editors Picks: 
Newly Added Documentaries
LGBT Studies | Politics & Current Affairs Politics & Current Affairs | Environmental Studies | Global Issues Politics & Current Affairs

Shout! FactoryWe are excited to welcome Shout! Factory and 30+ of their films to Academic Video Online. These include an Oscar® nominee for Best Foreign Language Film, an Academy Award® nominated actress and films from the acclaimed director, William Herzog and more. Grab some popcorn and enjoy some of these highlights:

Film Film | World History Diginext Films
Health Policy | Social Work 60 new PBS titles including these highlights:
American Government| Public Administration and Policy |Administration of Justice | Criminology Women and Rights | Women and Social Reform May/June 2019 Editors Picks
Monument Releasing
8 new documentaries and international feature films from Monument Releasing. Highlights include:  
PBS: 65 new titles added, highlights include: Communication | Media Studies
Great Speeches

Great Speeches Volume 31 

Anthropology Media Studies | Film
Movie Talk
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