1.  Begin by logging into the Alexander Street Admin Portal.  If you need access information, please contact technical support

2.  Navigate from the Menu to Account Settings and take note of the Customer ID listed there. 

3.  Navigate from the Menu to the Statistics section and then click COUNTER:

User-added image

4.  Click the SUSHI link and take note of the Requestor ID listed there:

User-added image

Use the Customer ID and Requestor ID from the previous steps to fill in the request URL for the desired report.  While updating the URL, you'll also need to fill in a begin and end date.  Below is a list of reports Alexander Street supports:

Database Usage (DR_D1)

Multimedia Item Requests (IR_M1)

Platform Usage (PR_P1)

Please note that at this time we are unable to support COUNTER 5 SUSHI Harvesting from Springshare's LibInsights as the report types Springshare has available versus the ones Alexander Street supports (above) will not allow for SUSHI harvesting.

Note:  Usage is available from January 2018 on.