On August 1, 2019, ProQuest updated the My Research login process to improve the security of user information and pave the way for future authentication improvements across ProQuest products.  As a result of this change, My Research account holders trying to access their account through EZproxy may receive this message:  "Issues while logging into SSO, Please call customer service with details information.”  To resolve this this issue, your ProQuest stanza must be updated.
Please forward this notification to your EZproxy administrator and ask them to add the following two lines to your current ProQuest stanza.
NeverProxy ssolanding-search.proquest.com
NeverProxy sso.proquest.com
You can find the complete and up-to-date ProQuest stanza here https://support.proquest.com/articledetail?id=kA140000000ThljCAC&key=ProQuest%20stanzas&pcat=All__c&icat=